Belkyra® - Now a Permanent treatment for Double Chin!

The Mole Clinic is one of the first Clinics in Canada to be certified to administer Belkyra® - a new treatment approved for use in Canada on February 1, 2016. Belkyra has been approved for use in the United States in June, 2015 under the trade name Kybella®.

Belkyra® destroys fat cells under the chin permanently through a series of monthly injections done by an Allergan-qualifed professionally trained injector.

What is Belkyra®?

Belkyra® is made of a synthetically produced natural acid in our body called deoxycholate Deoxycholate is found naturally in our bodies which helps to break down and absorb the fat we eat. This product is bioidentical to the natural form in our bodies and disrupts the cell membranes of fat cells causing them to die and become eliminated gradually by our body through natural, physiological processes.

Cost per treatment depends on the number of vials required per treatment (usually 2 vials) and the number of sessions you decide to have. The more sessions you do, the better the results. Most clients require 2-4 sessions done at monthly intervals. Please arrange for a complimentary consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment.


Please contact our Clinic for a complimentary consultation.

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